The YES AB operation shall inspire confidence in us as a professional supplier. Delivering value and quality is our strategy for satisfied customers, satisfied employees, a strong brand and long-term profitability. Our services and products shall be characterized by high quality, high competence, innovation, efficiency, sustainability and customer value.

• We listen and base our actions on the customer’s situation and needs.

• We provide agreed-upon products and services based on customer requirements.

• We are a service company that exists to provide our customers with good service and to be seen as the natural partner.

• We ensure the right competence and continuously develop the competence of our employees and the organization.

• We ensure satisfied employees – satisfied employees provide the extra effort.

• We take responsibility – for the customer, for our deliveries and for our partners.


Climate Policy

Environmental responsibility is one of three parts of YES AB’s sustainability work. The other two are economic responsibility and social responsibility. YES AB’s operational work has low environmental impact, and it should be kept as low as possible on an ongoing basis. This means:

• Low energy and water consumption in our premises

• Waste sorting and recycling

• Environmentally labeled chemicals, such as soap, cleaning agents and dishwashing liquids

• Environmentally friendly alternatives should always be chosen when purchasing

• Environmental perspective on our personnel activities and their means of transportation

• Promote digital alternatives to paper printouts and transportation

• Minimum of disposable items

• Be a role model for our employees – it is not difficult to be climate-friendly Purchasing Policy: When purchasing, environmentally labeled products and resources should be selected first. Travel Policy: When booking personal or business trips for YES AB personnel, the most favorable alternative should be chosen with the following parameters:

• Climate impact of the trip – all modes of transport, door-to-door

• Price for the trip door-to-door

• Time for the trip, from the start of the trip to the start of the activity that motivates the trip

The area where YES AB has the greatest opportunity to contribute to a minimized climate and environmental impact is in our products. We have two different bus suppliers and ultimately it is the customer who prioritizes, but at YES AB it should be easy to choose the environmentally best product alternative:

• Basic requirement for our vehicle supplier to have an environmental policy in line with our own, is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

• Prioritize other suppliers with a clear environmental profile and innovative solutions

• Prioritize local suppliers for reduced transportation

• Environmentally friendly alternatives should be easy for the customer to choose

• Inform the customer about how our solutions can help the customer reduce their own climate and environmental impact.

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