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Yutong, World’s largest bus & coach builder

As the largest manufacturer of coaches and buses in the world today, with over 70,000 of large and medium-sized buses in last year daily bus output exceeds 400 units, Yutong will be a leader in new energy and pure electricity buses. Yutong new energy bus plant covers 1.33 million square meters and will have an expected annual output of 30,000 units, becoming China’s most advanced and world’s largest manufacturing base of new energy buses. Total annual capacity of the Yutong factory today is 80.000 units.

The buses that are in operation in Scandinavia have been running well. The first buses are now in above mentioned countries, and soon buses will be in Denmark as well. Buses now have EU homologation and will come strongly into the European market. First samples of 12m pure electric city buses have been ordered to Iceland.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with you, welcome to the Yutong family.


Cost of ownership

Yutongs buses are build according to high quality norms and proven technology, in order to give all Yutong bus customers both reliability and durability, which together also gives lower cost of ownership.



We offer up to 5 years warranty as option.


Spare Parts

In respect of spare parts supply, Yutong has invested heavily to ensure the timely supply of spare parts. Yutong are opening up a new spare part stock in Europe which also will increase availability and delivery respons.

Today Yutong has built several hundred coaches and buses with new energy for the domestic market every year, and pure electricity vehicles are certainly a very good choice for Northern Europe. The quality of batteries are improving, which will result in a longer lifetime, longer periods between charging and, eventually, when the batteries are produced in larger quantities they will become cheaper. For new clean energy, Yutong will be leading into a bright future. Yutong Eurobus is now located in Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

Welcome to Yutung! Discover our wide selection of modern, reliable, and energy-efficient buses. Whether you need a city bus for daily commutes, a coach for long journeys

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