Length / Width (mm) 12365/2550
Height (mm) 3400
Interior Height (mm) 2200
Luggage compartment (m³) 4
Wheelbase (mm) 6050
CVW (kg) 19000
Front/Rear Axle (kg) 7000/12000

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Engine DAF MX11 240 H1 EURO 6
Displacement (L) 10,8
Rated Power 240kw/1700rpm
Rated Torque 1400/1000-1650
Fuel Diesel
Emission EURO VI
Standard specification
Chassis Manufacturer Zhengzhou Yutong Bus CO., Ltd.
Transmission ZF 6AP1400B, with hydrodynamic retarder
Braking system Wabco ABS + ESC. Dual circuit air brake, energy storage
spring parking brake
Steering LHD, ZF8098
Electrical system Can system ( ACTIA ), 225 Ah battery 140A (BUS)+150A (AC)
Front axle Yutong independent suspension, Disc brake
Rear axle Yutong rear axle, Disc brake
Tyres Michelin 295/80R22.5 Tubeless Radial Tire
Suspension Full air suspension, front independent suspension, 2 front
airbag and 4 rear airbag. Sachs hydraulic two-way shock
absorber, ECAS kneel function
Seats 51+4+1, 49+4+1
Driver seat ISRI / GRAMMER
Door (1+2+0) Single swing out front, double middle door
Heating system Webasto independent water heater with timer
Cooling system AC Non-independent top mounted A/C (cooling capacity
32000kcal/hr, Bock compressor), Centralized control (fresh air
function, and balanced refrigeration in front and rear); fresh
air ventilation system
Compartment door Aluminium upturning compartment door
Fuel tank (L) 350
Other Roof hatches with ventilation fans, Monitor with record
function, cameras as required, monitor system VDO DTCO,
clock, DOGA wipers
Option Wheel chair lift – Car Oil –
Manuel transmission QJ S6-150/Clutch SACHS GMF430


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 51+4+1  49+4+1

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