Service and Support

Yutongs service organisation are increasing continuously in Europe with new authorized service delars in most part of Europe. To become a authorized service dealer means that the workshop have to undergo a audit program which covers everything from tooling to training. A Yutong authorized service workshop needs to meet the standards which is settled and controlled by the Yutong factory, in order to ensure that all Yutong bus customers receive the quality of service they expect.

The buses who are built for Europe are also designed with many well-known European components as:

  • Engines
  • Transmission
  • Brake system
  • Air compressors
  • Electronics
  • Lubrication system
  •     =    DAF and Cummins
  •     =    ZF
  •     =    WABCO
  •     =    BOCK
  •     =    Bosch, ACTIA, Siemens
  •     =    VOGEL

Spare Parts

In respect of spare parts supply, Yutong has invested heavily to ensure the timely supply of spare parts. Yutong are opening up a new spare part stock in Europe which also will increase availability and delivery respons.

In addition, Yutong has also signed joint service agreements with many of it ́s component suppliers to also ensure that local solution easily can be found.

Quality Products

The core focus of customers is the quality of buses, which is also the foundation to achieve the operating income. With accomplished manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art technologies, Yutong has realized the perfect combination of safety, reliability, comfort, energy-efficiency and environmental friendliness so as to manufacture quality buses for You with heart and soul.

Every year, four percent of the company ́s annual turnover is put into the research of state-of-the art technologies of buses.

Yutong not only established the first post-doctoral workstation, the state-level technical center, the experimental center and the first National Research Center on Electronic Control & Safety Engineering Technology of Electric Buses in China ́s bus industry, but also prossesses a professional R&D team of over 3.000 people out of 40.000 employees who have advanced concepts of bus development so as to guide the design of bus products with sience and technology.

As a result of Yutong quality strategy is the company fully accredited to the international ISO/TS16949 standard.


Yutong has conducted rollover test many times with the tilt angle reaching 42 degrees. The deformation after rolling was very small and the bus could still run after the rollover test. It has met the European standards, which not only provides a safety guarantee for the operator, but also enhances the reputation in the minds of customers.

Yutong is the first one in China ́s bus industry to conduct the crash test. The vehicle had minimal deformation after the crash test, and the driver still have enough space for survival without being trapped.


We offer up to 5 years warranty as option.

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